MAURO GASPERI is a Fashion Designer, Stylist, Fashion consultant and professor.
Currently he performs consultancy all over the world in collaboration with international brands.
Starting from creation of collections up to the support in events and fashion shows and shops fitting.

The graphical and architectural mark is part of Mauro Gasperi’s style of his collections.
Born in Brescia, since as a child he is influenced by the contemporary architecture, such as of Massimiliano Fuksas.
He specializes, after artistic high school in Brescia, in fashion design and knitwear in Florence in the International
Fashion “Polimoda” and from there he works for companies such as Paola Frani, Doratex, Cristiano Fissore, D&G and
knitwear fabrics located near Brescia and Bergamo.
In 2008, together with the opening of the first flagship store in BRESCIA, he decides to open his own clothing
line because of his desire to communicate through his geometrical details his woman and his concept
of femininity: a renewed, cosmopolitan and urban one, with a casual, free and contemporary spirit.
MADE IN ITALY in production and in the tissues the collection Mauro Gasperi, in particular for the fluid part
of knitwear, is appreciated by CAMERA NAZIONALE DELLA MODA ITALIANA which in 2009 selects him,
between other winners, for the competition FASHION INCUBATOR. He enters consequently in the project
NEW UPCOMING DESIGNERS and in MILAN FASHION WEEK, and could have catwalks in the Fashion
Weeks of Tokyo, Kiev, Varsaw, Montecarlo, Berlin, Guangzhou and twice of Moscow. He approaches
with the first buyers, with YOOX for the “vintage” collections for the online sales and prestigious showrooms.
In a scene of clean cuts and essential, immediate constructions and intentional contrast both in materials
and colors, today the brand is well known as a high quality total look distributed in several stores in Italy
and abroad. He confirms his ability to “scuplt” and create shapes and silhouettes on new materials
and a easy-to-wear collection for a fashionable woman who takes attention on details of style.
Mario Boselli, President of CAMERA NAZIONALE DELLA MODA ITALIANA by receiving the award FERPI,
claimed: “ It is objective interest of the Italian fashion system to have a new generation of young designers”.
And Mauro Gasperi represents one of these.